We optimize your IT operations!

The requirements for optimal IT operations are constantly growing and changing, often in leaps and bounds and at ever shorter intervals.

A pure consideration including the selection or continuation of isolated solutions is usually not target-oriented, especially not with regard to the optimization of your IT operations and the often necessary reduction of the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of your IT.

At EVONET, we consider and evaluate the complete cycle for optimizing your IT operations, which in our view includes IT platforms, networks, ITSM/ESM and, increasingly, IT security, in addition to the applications relevant to you. In particular, this also requires thinking about systems and methodologies that can automate the complete cycle of your IT as much as possible within the framework of an integrated platform.

We have selected our partners with their market-leading and innovative solutions on this premise: optimizing your IT operations while reducing costs is always the focus of our considerations and recommendations.

The introduction and implementation of ITIL is becoming increasingly important. At EVONET, we take a pragmatic approach to this, since mapping ITIL processes according to pure doctrine is very complex and quickly takes even larger organizations to their limits.

Our offer to you:

In these areas, we are also happy to assume operational responsibility as part of a managed services concept or implement individual projects at a fixed price.