We make your IT secure!

The requirements for comprehensive IT security are constantly growing and changing in leaps and bounds and at ever shorter intervals. In addition, there are extended legal regulations and the need to map IT security processes in an ITIL-compliant manner as part of certifications, such as ISO 27001.

At EVONET, we have spoken with approximately 100 companies/organizations on the topic of IT security since November 2020.

In summary, it can be said that there are still large gaps in the security concepts of companies/organizations, particularly in the areas of emergency concepts, threat response, application security, AI-based autonomous cyber security, comprehensive ransomware protection and 3rd party/vendor risk management. In addition, the market for security solutions has become completely unmanageable and intransparent for many companies/organizations.

We at EVONET support companies/organizations in all questions regarding IT security, from consulting or conceptual design to implementation at a fixed price. It is always important for us to adapt security concepts to the existing infrastructure and investments already made, as well as to show solutions that correspond to the available budget and optimize your IT operations.

Over the past few months, we have invested a great deal of time in selecting partners and manufacturers who will support you and us on the path to the highest possible IT security. We have placed our focus on the “hidden champions” who, with their technologically leading concepts and solutions, also meet the requirements and budgets of medium-sized businesses.

Our offer to you:

In these areas, we are also happy to assume operational responsibility as part of a managed services concept or implement individual projects at a fixed price.