We automate your IT in individual areas or as a whole!

IT automation is the use of software to create repeatable instructions and processes that replace or reduce human interaction with IT systems.

Automation software works within the constraints of these instructions using tools or frameworks to perform the resulting tasks with little or no human intervention.

Automation is the key to optimizing your IT operations and achieving Digital Transformation. Modern dynamic IT environments need to be able to scale faster than ever and IT automation is critical to making this happen.

In theory, a certain level of automation can be applied to any IT task. Automation can therefore be integrated and applied to everything from network automation to infrastructure, cloud deployment, application deployment and configuration management, etc.

Automation functions and applications can also be used for specific technologies such as containers, methods such as DevOps, and also larger areas such as cloud, edge computing, testing and monitoring/alerting, and especially IT security.

Automation helps take repetitive, manual processes out of the hands of your IT staff. This increases productivity, reduces errors, improves the integration of your IT systems and frees up additional time for more important activities that require more attention.

At EVONET, we rely on Red Hat Ansible to automate the provisioning, configuration, management and deployment of your IT systems and application.

The return on investment (ROI) for Red Hat Ansible deployments has been proven to be between 150 and 300% according to leading analysts such as Forrester.

We are happy to support you from consulting to the realization of your IT automation with Red Hat Ansible at a fixed price.

For more information on Red Hat Ansible, please see the following link.