We define and describe your ITIL processes including implementation!

ITIL is a best practice framework for ITSM and consists of a set of best practices together with generally accepted rules for the implementation of ITSM solutions. By defining the basic processes, roles and terms, ITIL describes the relevant topics of an IT service organization, while providing a common communication basis for all organizations and functions involved in a service.

ITIL 4 Foundation, the latest version of ITIL, was introduced in 2019. With numerous updates, proven IT service management principles and practices have been brought to a newer and better level to make the service management of IT organizations much more agile, and assist in the digitization of service processes.

The goal of ITIL is to professionally design, implement, operate and continuously improve IT services in order to integrate tasks from the area of ITSM into the overall business strategy of the organization and thus achieve optimal or the desired results. For this purpose, ITIL offers a structured collection of best-practice approaches that have proven their worth in IT service management. However, ITIL is a set of suggestions, not a standard.
The following constraints should be taken into account:

  • The role of the IT department as an internal service organization is to provide services to the business.
  • The services provided by IT should be aligned with the strategic goals and requirements of the business.
  • The services provided, throughout their lifecycle, need to be managed and optimized.

Consideration of the following factors is critical for successful value creation with ITIL:

  • The own company including acting persons
  • Corporate culture
  • Information and technology
  • External organizations such as partners, customers, suppliers, etc.
  • Value streams and processes.

We at EVONET would be happy to support your company in defining the above factors and mapping them in ITIL-compliant processes.

We at EVONET have already described and implemented ITIL processes several times in accordance with our motto “as little as possible, as much as necessary”, and have gained extensive experience in doing so, from whose knowledge and insights your company can also benefit.

We at EVONET would be happy to support your company in defining the above factors in ITIL-compliant processes.