We define and describe your requirements for an orderly, reliable, repeatable, secure and optimized IT operation including implementation!

The optimization of your IT operations is at the center of EVONET’s value chain and services.

A purely singular consideration of IT technology is often not sufficient or purposeful for the definition and description of the requirements for an orderly, reliable, repeatable, secure and optimized IT operation including implementation.

We at EVONET define the above requirements on the basis of ITIL4, and subject the required technology to a more in-depth examination of the control loop of IT platforms, networks, ITSM/ESM and, to an increasing extent, IT security.

However, the necessary pragmatism and the experience gained from a large number of successfully implemented projects are always at the center of our considerations and the actions derived from them:

  • How can we protect your existing investments, also in terms of skills of your employees?
  • How can we further reduce the total cost of ownership of your IT?
  • How do we ensure that your employees can maintain and further optimize optimized operations?
  • How can we automate and digitize your IT operations?
  • How do we ensure that the necessary IT security continues to be guaranteed or can be optimized in the face of all necessary changes?

These requirements are then defined and described together with you, and translated into corresponding IT services.

In view of the large number of IT services that should be provided for optimum IT operation, the planning process must determine the priority with which the various services are to be included in a service catalog. As a rule, those IT services that support the company’s value-adding processes are at the top of the priority list.

To ensure optimization, the service catalog should be based on specialized documentation software, a configuration management database (CMDB). The CMDB specifies details about the infrastructure, the persons responsible for the processes, the costs including risks and the mutual interaction or dependency of individual services.

EVONET will be happy to support your company in defining, describing and implementing the above factors with the aim of optimizing your IT operations.