We make your network agile – and secure!

The demands on your IT network are constantly increasing. Drivers of these requirements are topics such as necessary digitization, edge computing, partial cloud operation, integration of IOT devices, etc.

In addition, your network must

  • be agile, i.e., able to flexibly adapt to changing requirements in your business, and also support heterogeneous network platforms
  • Be secure, i.e., enable increased and improved levels of network visibility, control and security through the growth of distributed connectivity.

To make matters worse, the areas of networks and IT security are increasingly overlapping and must therefore be viewed as a whole. Topics such as network segmentation, network access control (NAC), and activation of external ports are examples of this.

To ensure that costs also remain under control in the face of these increased demands, all leading analysts recommend the introduction of a dual-vendor strategy to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) once a company reaches a certain size.

At EVONET, we rely on Extreme Networks solutions to make your network agile – and secure.

With the management platform from Extreme Networks, it is possible to manage and operate not only the company’s own systems but also heterogeneous vendors and solutions within an integrated platform. From EVONET’s point of view, this is essential for the introduction of a dual-vendor strategy in medium-sized companies.

In addition, Extreme Networks solutions are based on a unified technology (fabric) across the entire product portfolio, from access/edge to data center, to ensure end-to-end automation across all network components.

Extreme Networks solutions also offer a very attractive, market-leading price/performance ratio. Extreme Networks is listed as a Leader and Visionary in Gartner’s current Magic Quadrant.

We are happy to support you from consulting to the implementation of your IT networks with Extreme Networks at a fixed price.

For more information on Extreme Networks, please see the following link.