We transform areas of your IT to open platforms!

The trend toward open platforms has continued to grow strongly in recent years, especially for mission-critical applications.
The best-known example here is SAP S/4HANA, which is made available exclusively on Linux platforms.

The use of open systems, especially on the basis of Linux, offers a variety of other advantages in addition to greater flexibility, agility and interoperability:

  • Decoupling of ties to individual manufacturers
  • Access to innovations and resources that individual companies can hardly muster on their own
  • Access to the open source community including freely available applications and best practices.

In addition, open platforms enable you as an operator or user to achieve an increased level of reliability, availability, security and maintainability that meet the requirements of mission-critical applications.

But what do you do with applications that were written several years ago and on which business-relevant processes still depend today? How can such applications take advantage of the innovative power of open platforms?

One possible way is the use of container technologies, i.e. encapsulated operation on the open Linux platform with standard x86 servers.

The ability to use cloud is another key advantage of deploying applications and data within a container. A good container solution can run on many different platforms and the cloud.

At EVONET, we rely on Red Hat solutions to transform your IT to open platforms.
Examples are the use of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat OpenShift or Kubernetes for container deployment, Red Hat Ceph Storage for the provision of distributed storage media or Red Hat OpenStack for the transparent use of a distributed infrastructure.

We are happy to support you with consulting services through to the transformation of areas of your IT to open platforms at a fixed price.

Further information about Red Hat can be found under the following link.