We close gaps in your IT security concept with market-leading solutions!

The market for IT security solutions has become very dynamic and confusing in recent years, especially for medium-sized companies with a tight IT staff structure. In addition to this, the trend is that the solutions of the individual manufacturers are constantly expanding and thus overlapping more and more.

For us at EVONET, it is always important to adapt security concepts to your existing infrastructure and investments already made, as well as to identify solutions that correspond to the available budget and optimize IT operations.

This also includes consulting services from EVONET with regard to the necessary technology and architecture of your security infrastructure in order to avoid bad investments.

We have invested a lot of time over the last few months in selecting partners and manufacturers who can support your company on the path to the highest possible IT security.

In addition to renowned market leaders, we have placed our focus on the “hidden champions” who, with technologically leading concepts and solutions, also meet the requirements and budgets of medium-sized companies and guarantee the highest possible level of security even with limited personnel.

With our current portfolio, we can comprehensively cover your needs for IT security solutions:

In addition, we also offer IT security solutions for many of the above topics as a managed service.

We are happy to support you from consulting to the realization of your IT security concept at a fixed price.