We make your SAP systems secure!

Particularly in the case of medium-sized companies, the topic of SAP security is not yet the focus of the IT security concept. From the point of view of leading analysts and our experience, however, the topic of SAP security should be considered as soon as possible:

  • Approx. 80% of cyber attacks now go directly to the applications
  • As the core application, the ERP/SAP system is usually the focus of the attacks.
  • An IDC survey of IT decision-makers shows that 64 percent of companies have had data stolen from their ERP systems in the past two years. These data thefts focus particularly on customer data, intellectual property and financial data.
  • According to a study by Accenture, it takes up to 80 days on average for the attacks to even be discovered. A further 50 days are then required to rectify an incident and close the security loopholes
  • In the SAP environment, attacks by the company’s own employees are on the rise.

An SAP security dashboard, which can be used to query the most important security perimeters of the entire SAP system landscape at a glance, has been requested by the SAP community for many years.

With the solutions from our partner Security Bridge, you get comprehensive cyber security specifically for SAP in one platform to meet all security requirements for SAP, including an integrated SAP Security Dashboard. This platform includes threat detection, vulnerability management, code analysis, interface traffic monitor and patch management.

Further information about the Security Bridge can be found under the following link.

To securely migrate your SAP S/4HANA systems, our partner Fortinet’s solutions for enterprises provide unparalleled security and visibility, especially when transforming to cloud environments. Fortinet’s solutions for SAP include network security, application security and workload protection, and can be extended to include endpoint security and centralized management and analytics. Fortinet also provides two-factor authentication tools, device and access control to ensure that only approved users and devices are allowed to connect, and endpoint security and remediation.

For more information about Fortinet’s SAP security solutions, visit this link.

We are happy to support you from consulting to the realization of a comprehensive SAP security in cooperation with our partners at a fixed price.