We analyze and evaluate your IT security!

In IT security, we act according to the maxim “as little as possible – as much as necessary”. As a rule, companies have already made large investments in IT security. These investments must be evaluated and protected.

Based on our experience, we at EVONET recommend the implementation of an “EVONET Security Workshop”.

During this workshop, an analysis of the current state of your IT security is carried out in order to create recommendations for action based on your requirements and your existing infrastructure with the aim of intelligently closing existing gaps.

Workshop Duration & Form:

  • Implementation on one working day via onsite or TEAMS meeting in German language with two IT security consultants in the following modules:
    • 3 workshop modules of 120 minutes each
    • 1 module summary and further steps with 60 minutes
  • form: Presentation and interactive discussion
  • To ensure workshop quality, a preparatory meeting is held in advance, duration 60 minutes
  • Within 5 days after the workshop your company will receive a comprehensive report including recommendations for action.

We offer the “EVONET Security Workshop” for new customers of EVONET at a total price of EUR 2.000.- plus VAT, whereby this amount will be credited 100% for a future project price or total order volume of more than EUR 100.000.–.

Often, according to the insights gained, significant improvements in your IT security can already be achieved with activities that can be carried out quickly, such as network segmentation, intelligent patch management and a two-tier firewall concept.

We will be happy to send you a sample agenda for the “EVONET Security Workshop” upon request.

For more in-depth investigations, we offer you, together with our partner German Cybersecurity Organization (DCSO), certified security audits, gladly also with industry-specific characteristics.

For more information on DCSO, please see the following link.