We protect your company in association with your business partners (Third Party Risk Management)!

The complexity of comprehensive IT security is also increased in particular by the fact that most companies and organizations work in networks and exchange data.

In some cases, external organizations can also directly query data, place orders, query order status, etc. in your company’s ERP system, for example.

A comprehensive assessment of your IT security concept with associated partners, suppliers, service providers, manufacturers and, if necessary, customers is therefore essential.

By the end of 2021, the introduction of a comprehensive risk management for business partners (Third Party Risk Management) will be an intrinsic part for the maintenance of ISO 27001.

The solution of our partner SecuVal (Secure your Value) is based on the assessment scheme/rating of Dun & Bradstreet (B&D), one of the leading companies worldwide for risk assessment models.

However, SecuVal’s solution not only allows you to assess your IT security status in conjunction with external business partners (external assets), but also to perform a risk analysis of your own company (own assets).

This risk assessment can be performed either periodically in the time periods you specify or selectively according to your requirements.

In addition to a clear and proven assessment of the quality and status of your IT security, your company will also receive clear recommendations for action to close identified gaps and vulnerabilities that are visible from the outside.

SecuVal uses enterprise-grade technology based on proven, market-leading security solutions from RSA Archer and Mastercard/RiskRecon to perform external sans of your internal and external assets.

All of these scans are non-invasive and require no additional input from your end. Scans and reviews can also be performed as needed. All of this information is analyzed and compiled into a report that clearly describes your organization’s cyber risk.

We are happy to support you from consulting to the realization of a comprehensive Own and Third-Party Risk Management concept in cooperation at a fixed price.

For more information on Third-Party Risk Management, please visit https://secuval.com/.