We’ll create the concept for introducing USU IT Service Management at your company and support you in implementing it!

The introduction of an ITSM system is usually associated with the goal of eliminating the operational difficulties of the IT organization and optimizing operational IT operations, increasingly also in compliance with ITIL.

When it comes to effective planning and sustainable implementation of ITSM, many companies are confronted with massive challenges or fail in some cases because the complexity including the impact of the introduction of ITSM on the entire company is underestimated.

Here, too, we at EVONET take a pragmatic approach.

The concept for an introduction of ITSM should:

  • answer key questions such as: Who from the management supports us? What do we want to have achieved in concrete terms and when? Where do we start and where do we stop? How do we achieve sustainable improvement? What and when are the milestones for implementation?
  • Be able to define and execute the what, who, when and how of a process.

We at EVONET consider the following measures (selection) to be immanent in the conceptual design of ITSM:

  • Definition of a clear expectation for the introduction of ITSM across all business units
  • Assessing the current situation and proposing solutions, including costs, risks, advantages and disadvantages
  • Organizational measures such as raising awareness for ITSM implementation, adapting organizational culture, identifying relevant contact groups, targeted communication and awareness-raising measures, etc.
  • Selection and definition of the most suitable approach for your company, e.g. Agile ITSM
  • Creation of a process design including definition with the involvement of all relevant organizational units including decision makers
  • Mapping of the above measures, if possible ITIL-compliant, into a jointly agreed specification.

The goal of the above measures must be the implementation and realization of a rule-based, functional and constantly optimizing service operation.

We would be happy to support you in consulting and implementation of the above topics at a fixed price.