We’ll optimize and maintain USU IT Service Management for you, and support you in day-to-day operations!

Here, too, we don’t want to fool you. The market for available specialists for USU IT Service Management is very limited.

Appropriate specialists who have the necessary certifications, regularly undergo further training in the adaptation and further development of USU solutions, ensure optimum USU operation, continuously optimize your USU environment, carry out upgrades and also have the ITIL 4 certification that is often required are hard to find internally and very difficult to find externally, or at very high daily rates.

This is also due to the fact that comprehensive training for ITSM systems is very time and cost intensive, both internally in your company and for external service providers.

Based on our experience at EVONET, moreover, knowledge in companies about USU solutions, including their integration into company processes, is often distributed among very few people, and is often not sufficiently documented in the desired and necessary form. This often leads to problems in terms of deputy regulations or when individual employees are absent due to illness.

The integration of the ITSM system into ITIL processes also increases the complexity and demands on employees and leads to increasing training pressure.

In addition, upgrades to new versions of USU IT Service Management often present many companies with challenges that cannot be planned or implemented, not only in terms of the skills required, but also in terms of time and the budget available.

As a result, many upgrades are often carried out with a very long delay, although in many cases the urgency of the upgrade is inherent in the system.

We at EVONET can solve these problems for you.

For 25 years, we at EVONET have been supporting companies in the introduction, operation and optimization of ITSM, i.e. we at EVONET have the corresponding project experience to be able to meet the required demands within the required time frame including the available budget.

We will be happy to provide you with our certified USU consultants on a daily or project basis to solve the above issues for you.

If you need comprehensive and permanent assurance of the operation and service quality of your USU environment, we can also offer you the above topics as part of a managed service with defined SLAs.