We prepare you for the “worst case”!

No one is perfect, and 100% security will not be guaranteed in a dynamically changing world, even with maximum use of technology, processes and personnel.

Whatever happens, be prepared for the worst case scenario and take appropriate measures to be able to return to orderly operations as quickly as possible, even in the event of a cyber attack:

  • Choose a lawyer you can trust who specializes exclusively in IT security, who has familiarized himself in advance with your business model and your company processes in detail, and who will support you in your communication and decision-making on further measures with government organizations such as the LKA (German Federal Criminal Police Office)
  • Select an external, experienced and proven “Incident Response Team”, which will help your company in the worst case quickly and unbureaucratically within the framework of defined Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) with multiple proven measures and clear processes.
  • Create an emergency concept including emergency manuals, in which processes and measures are clearly defined across all areas of the company, including deputy regulations and the “four-eyes principle”.
  • Prepare automated emergency procedures with intelligent software solutions such as Red Hat Ansible, in order to reduce manual intervention, scripting, etc. as far as possible in the worst case or to avoid them altogether, in order to avoid errors under time pressure and to save time.
  • Back up your data regularly with proven ransomware scanning and protection technologies, and implement an intelligent restore concept.

Based on our experience, there are still massive gaps in the above topics at many companies, whose importance and urgency is often not recognized or significantly underestimated.

We will be glad to support you from consulting to realization of these topics in cooperation with our partners at a fixed price.