We identify your cyber risks!

Our snapshot offer

SecuVal Cyber-Risk Rating scans the digital aspects of a company or municipality from the outside and shows all cyber-risks at a glance.

This includes all relevant security areas such as software patches, network filtering, IP reputation, web encryption, application security and much more.

This extensive risk assessment provides a snapshot of your situation. You can identify acute risks and react immediately. However, IT landscapes are not static. Where everything is in perfect order today, a significant security gap may open up tomorrow.

SecuVal Cyber-Risk Rating therefore offers much more. A continuous insight to quickly identify and react to risks at any time.

SecuVal Cyber-Risk Rating checks your network daily and provides you with monthly, quarterly or annual reports as required. If the security level falls below a certain level, we will show you how to solve the problems identified. If an acute or critical threat arises, you will of course be informed immediately.

The Services

We offer SecuVal Cyber-Risk Rating in three variants, which differ primarily in the frequency of reporting. You will be informed immediately about acute threats in all variants.

All-round service

  • Daily scans of your partners (working days)
  • Monthly portfolio reports
  • Monthly supplier reports
  • Daily proactive management

Quarterly Service

  • Daily scans of your partners (working days)
  • Monthly portfolio reports
  • Quarterly supplier reports
  • Proactive management once per quarter

Annual Service

  • Daily scans of your partners (working days)
  • Monthly portfolio reports
  • Annual supplier reports
  • Proactive management once a year

Proactive supplier management

After we have scanned the suppliers and partners, there is still a lot to do. Because gaining insight is only the first step. Depending on the service level, we can help you manage your suppliers in terms of cyber security and compliance.

For example, if one of your key partners falls below your security standards, we will inform them of the problems identified and ensure that they do not pose a threat to your business.

For a complete supplier management service, we provide three different service levels, which you can select according to your requirements. These services can also be mixed and matched to your risk categories. For example, you may want your business-critical suppliers to be fully managed and low-risk partners to be reported only once a year.

For all our service levels, we offer you a portfolio overview of your partner landscape, detailed reports and proactive management. The service levels determine the frequency. We divide your partner landscape into risk levels and assign a service level to this risk level.


We send you a portfolio report once a month. In this report you will find an overview of the partners scanned by us. Here you can see the rating (score from 0-10) as well as whether a partner has fallen or risen in his rating. We also give you warnings and advice if the supplier is a threat to you.

Supplier Reports

Depending on your service level, we prepare comprehensive supplier reports once a month/quarter or annually. In these reports you can see in detail all scans we perform on a supplier and how their cyber-risk score is built up. We also show you certain assets of the supplier that could be of importance to you. For example, the login that your colleagues use daily.

Our snapshot offer

In order to convince yourself of the efficiency of the SecuVal Cyber-Risk Rating, we offer you a one-time scan of your partner landscape at an introductory price. You receive a comprehensive risk assessment as a snapshot of your situation.

Within a week, you will receive a clear overview of all risk fields in your digital footprint.

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