Wir arbeiten mit den Besten!

We live active and close partnerships with renowned technology providers and service providers who, without exception, are among the leaders in their respective fields.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the largest cloud computing providers worldwide. AWS’s extensive portfolio is used by numerous customers and organizations of all sizes in Germany, as well as popular services such as Dropbox, Netflix and Reddit. In 2020, AWS was ranked by a wide margin as a Leader in the “Gartner Magic Quadrant” for “Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services” by Gartner. Further information. Further information.

Founded in 2013, Darktrace is the first and continues to be the world’s leading IT security company to use artificial intelligence (AI) for autonomous cyber defense. Darktrace AI’s award-winning solutions use autonomous machine learning to detect and investigate cyber threats in systems in real time, recommend actions, identify areas for improvement, and, if needed, automatically defend against cyber threats, regardless of the type and/or origin of the attack or threat. Further information.

DCSO (German Cyber Security Organization), founded in 2015 by Allianz AG, Bayer AG, BASF and VW AG, comprehensively advises and supports companies and organizations on all IT security topics. The respective practice-oriented services, consulting services and security audits on topics such as Threat Intelligence, Internet Exposure Monitoring, Vendor Assessment, Threat Detection and Hunting etc. arise from experiences and synergy effects of the DCSO community, and are continuously optimized and further developed. Further information.

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Extreme Networks Inc. is the global leader in cloud-based end-to-end enterprise networking solutions. Its comprehensive portfolio of networking solutions, from wireless/IoT edge to corporate data center, is flexible, agile and secure, accelerating the digital transformation often required. Its 100% in-house staffed service and support leads the industry in ratings. In 2020, Extreme Networks was ranked by Gartner as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Wired & Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure for the third consecutive year. Further information.

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Fortinet Inc. is the world’s largest IT security company by revenue. The comprehensive Fortinet Cyber-Security Fabric is the market’s most powerful platform today, addressing the most critical security challenges, protecting data across the entire digital infrastructure in network, application, multi-cloud, edge and/or SAP environments. Fortinet was ranked by Gartner in 2020 as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Firewalls and WAN Edge Infrastructure. Further information.

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Keysight Technologies Inc./ixia is one of the world’s leading companies for comprehensive network testing, network visibility, network security and performance monitoring. Keysight/ixia’s solutions make applications significantly more visible, transparent and secure, even in very complex and constantly changing physical and virtual networks, down to the packet level if required. Further information.

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Red Hat Inc. is the world’s leading provider of open source technologies and solutions. Red Hat’s portfolio includes, among other things, powerful Linux, hybrid cloud, container and Kubernetes technologies, and in particular solutions for automating, securing, managing and optimizing complex IT environments, which are used from medium-sized businesses to corporate accounts.  The ROI on deploying Red Hat’s solutions is often well over 200%, as confirmed by IDC on several occasions.  Gartner has ranked Red Hat in the “overall positive” category for several years in a row. Further information.

SeurityBridge, founded in 2012 as a German SW company with headquarters in Ingolstadt, protects SAP applications against cyber attacks. The worldwide unique, natively integrated real-time solution offers companies and organizations comprehensive cyber security specifically for all security requirements of SAP environments within an integrated platform. SecurityBridge focuses on the individual requirements and wishes of customers to ensure efficient, robust and reliable protection of SAP systems. Further information.

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SecuVal provides specialized Security-as-a-Services to analyze and assess cyber risks as part of a Third-Party Risk Management, especially with regard to suppliers, business partners and other related companies and organizations. SecuVal offers a range of services to improve security monitoring, assess cyber security in an existing environment, and provide risk analysis of interfaces with other organizations. At EVONET, we are SecuVal’s exclusive partner for Germany. Further information.

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USU, founded in 1977 as a German SW company headquartered in Möglingen near Ludwigsburg, is the software manufacturer with the largest functional bandwidth for IT and Enterprise Service Management solutions in Europe. USU’s ITSM/ESM solution not only covers the usual ITSM and ESM processes, but also offers advanced modules such as software license management, IT financial management, infrastructure/business service monitoring and optimization of service desk and field service. USU’s solutions are ITIL® certified across the board. USU was ranked as a Leader for “Enterprise Service Management” by Forrester Research in 2019. Further information.

Netscout Systems, Inc. combines its proprietary, patented Smart Data technology with Smart Analytics to deliver market- and technology-leading solutions that provide enterprises with comprehensive, real-time network visibility.  As a result, enterprises gain critical insights they need to secure digital transformation and solve difficult network performance and security issues. Threats can be detected early and initial countermeasures can be automated. Further information.

RiskRecon/Mastercard automates the detection and evaluation of potential vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure of the own company and the so-called third parties (suppliers, partners, manufacturers, …). RiskRecon/Mastercard prioritizes the vulnerabilities found with the help of machine learning. RiskRecon/Mastercard’s solution is the global leader in the enterprise sector and enables continuous management of third parties, from selection and onboarding to offboarding. Further information

In addition to our partnerships with renowned technology providers, we maintain cooperations with innovative software developers and local competence centers.

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Virtual Dimension Center (VDC) w.V. in Fellbach is one of the leading competence and innovation centers for Virtual Reality (VR), Virtual Engineering and Augmented Reality (AR) in Germany. VDC’s main tasks are the practical implementation of the above topics for industry, knowledge exchange within VDC members and technology transfer. Furthermore, VDC supports companies in their digitization strategy. Further information.